Divorce Lawyer in Binghamton & Hancock, NY

Divorce Lawyer in Binghamton & Hancock, NY

A Fresh Start

James D. Ward, Esq. represents clients in family law matters, including separation, divorce and dissolution of marriage, in Binghamton and Hancock, NY. Considering the difficult and stressful time our clients face when going through major life change like a divorce, we provide the guidance needed to ensure an optimal resolution is achieved. We take the time to listen to all parties' concerns, address important issues and work to develop a plan that allows for both parties to separate amicably and without the need for litigation.

In the majority of divorce cases, the courts settle any financial inequities through a division of property based on each parties' economic situation following the divorce. And, in most cases, this division is carried out fairly. Retaining proper representation will ensure that, upon your divorce, you're given every dollar to which you're entitled. James D. Ward, Esq. is a family law attorney that has extensive experience in divorce law in Binghamton and Hancock, NY, so rest assured knowing that when your divorce is finalized, you'll be able to make a fresh start for you and your family. Call divorce attorney James D. Ward, Esq. today to discuss your situation.

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